Jánma’s Story

Welcome to Janma & Co. an Australian Company founded on the idea of inspiration through creativity.

Born from a unique and empowered place, Jánma was started by Jánma an Australia based creator driven on bringing the world positive and uplifting products. She has been mastering the process of Candle making and perfecting the ultimate burn to bring you the quality products in our store.

Never satisfied with just enough, Jánma strives to bring Integrity, Passion and Inspiration to her creations aligning her dreams for a perfect creation into reality bringing you the very best products.



We only believe in using natural ingredients that enhance our products and the environment.


Our products are hand made to bring you the very best quality and craftsmanship.


Our products are made to inspire and uplift our customers. The products you purchase from us are individually made with positive purpose.

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